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2017 Rose

From a single block of  Pinot Noir on Four Winds vineyard
Own-rooted, dry-farmed
Direct press
No. of cases made:  285
11.8% abv.

The script for our 2017 Rosé completely flipped. After our first and second efforts it was time to reach a higher place. Our personal preference for Rosé is a more Provençal-leaning style, biting and herbaceous with just enough succulent fruit to soften the edges. Low alcohol and high acid, refreshing and crisp...delivering the feeling like you aren’t really drinking, so why not keep going?! The best Rosé does that, and we wanted to see if we could draw closer to that benchmark. We started with more intention by cropping the Rosé block slightly higher and picking early, not alongside the other Pinot and Chardonnay on the vineyard, just by itself. 2017 played perfectly into our hands…a bona fide cool climate vintage…herb, acid and low alcohol achieved!! We left the grapes one night in the cool air for color extraction before pressing. Color is probably the biggest wild card with Rosé and a pesky holdout until the wine finishes. You never quite know until bottling what color you have but we really like this one! Two-thirds of this wine was fermented in barrel for aromatic nuance and the rest in stainless steel to maintain edginess and cut. It all worked out and in the end we’re proud of the adjustments and really love this wine. Making Rosé is fun, probably since it’s meant to be paired with all manner of fun endeavors. Enjoy!