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Winter shipping restrictions are now in place  for much of the country due to cold.  We will confirm with you on your shipping and options.  
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Behind the Winery


We make the wines at the August Cellars coop winemaking facility, and we get this question all the time: what’s a winemaking coop?

Our winemaking coop is a state-of-the-art gravity flow winery. We even have a wind turbine (the first in Oregon wine country) that provides about 65% of the power needed at the winery. We “share” the winemaking equipment (hoppers, destemmer, bottling line, labeler, forklifts, etc.) with five other wineries.

All winemaking is done independently and we have separate underground barrel rooms where we age all the wines. We’d love to show you around, so be sure to make an appointment and visit us at the winery!