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Spring Releases

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2018 Willamette Valley Pinot : $24.00

Blend of Tuckwilla Vineyard (21%) Four Winds Vineyard (20%) La Colina Vineyard (26%) Oracle Vineyard (18%), Wind Ridge (15%). All vineyards dry farmed.

Graphite, citrus, anise and mushroom round out the nose which is primarily fixed on ripe red cherry. The mouth is high intensity and mouth-watering. Subtle tannin supports a soft and inviting mouthfeel highlighted by ripe cherry again as well as floral accents. This is a complete wine…dark and light, elegant and powerful.

<a href="">Crowley Wines</a>

2018 Willamette Valley Chardonnay : $25.00

Four Winds Vineyard 34% Wente Clone, 33% Draper Clone, 33% Dijon Clone

With the new juice came sexy new barrels which we’ve fallen for. When done right, the best Chardonnay in the world (looking at you, Pernot) carries wood beautifully, and it does here. The typical purity and sense of place is enhanced by another layer of intrigue as the wood in both the nose and mouth plays an equally humble and prominent role in this wine.

<a href="">Crowley Wines</a>

2015 Evan's Reserve Pinot Noir: $75.00

Four Winds Vineyard
100% Pommard clone planted in 1990
800 Feet elevation, own-rooted and dry-farmed
Aged 21 months in neutral French oak
1 Barrel made; 24 cases