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2018 Rose

From a single block of  Pinot Noir on Four Winds vineyard
Own-rooted, dry-farmed
Direct press
No. of cases made:  310
12.2% abv.

 Rose is the fastest growing wine segment in the US just as we’ve decided we’re really into making Rose. Yay! Serendipity really, but it has been fun a very rewarding to explore and discover how to make great rose and it feels like it’s getting better each year. The fact people are excited about it is a bonus! This 2018 is just as lean and bright as the 2017 but with a touch more flesh. Being such a dry year all the wines will have some more intensity. The color is absolutely perfect…reminiscent of rose Champagne, delicate pink. The mouth is succulent and zippy…and loaded with strawberry. Alcohol is in the low 12’s so for sure an easy drinker…bottles disappear quickly!