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2019 Rosé


The 2019 Rose is coming along at the perfect time. May 14, 2020. We’ve all been rattled and confined in the name of Covid-19 and the “fun factor” of life is at a bare minimum. This has been hard. We want to see our friends again and turn off the vigilance. We want to be spontaneous and break the tension. So as we welcome better news and easing restrictions we have the perfect wine to accompany the urge to lighten up…which we can finally start to do.

The signature of this year’s Rose is citrus and melon…mandarin orange and green watermelon to be exact. Traces of herb bring in savory notes and mint makes an appearance for cooling effect. A reductive note adds interest and layers to the just opened bottle aromatics while the mouthfeel is uniquely smooth and polished. 2019 delivered a clean and round rose with no hard edges. There’s succulence to the fruit to go with the usual high energy, and lower alcohol keeps it airy and light.